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We are a medical manufacturer of point-of-care (POCT) devices and was founded in 2007, the company’s goal is to make the best medical products to serve all RDT reagent manufacturers worldwide.

Our R&D is our biggest department of our company. The majority of our funding is put into developing new products and having our own core technology and patents. We are dedicated to developing the world’s most advanced and best devices for POCT in the world 

Regarding to POCT, we concentrate ourselves on the innovative technology of production. We use our advantages to offer the products with fastest, easiest , most accurate and most economical for our customers.

We have completely the technology and know how of POCT, we would work with / help the companies which want to get into the market of POCT and develop the suitable individual products.

Our Immunofluorescent Analyzers were supplied to Chinese market with more than 10,000 units in 2018

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Why do you need a cassette or a slide printer?

Why do you need a cassette or slide printer??   Surgery specimens are the most import...

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Congratulate labsim on obtaining the Intellectual property management system certification

2017,6th,Nov, Labsim has formally obtained "Intellectual Property Management System Certifi...

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    Biocept launches new liquid biopsy test for progesterone receptor detection
    Published 17 July 2017 Biocept has announced the commercial availability of its new liquid biopsy test for progesterone receptor (PR), which can be used for the detection and monitoring of a key biomarker in the blood of patients with breast cancer. "The ability to detect PR expression in circulating tumor cells (CTCs) complements Biocept's existing ER and HER2 assays for biomarker analysis in breast cancer," said Veena Singh, M.D., Biocept's Senior Vice President and Medical Director. &nbs...
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    Roche launches cobas MRSA/SA test to target healthcare-associated infections
    Published 04 July 2017 Roche has announced the CE-IVD launch of the cobas MRSA/SA nucleic acid test for use on the cobas Liat System for the qualitative detection and differentiation of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Staphylococcus aureus (SA) at the point of care. MRSA and SA are both major sources of healthcare and community associated infections. In fact, up to 53 million people carry MRSA, one of the most commonly identified antibiotic-resistant pathogens.1 Surveill...
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    Quest Diagnostics introduces new hepatitis B virus quantitative test in US
    Published 19 January 2017 Quest Diagnostics has introduced new hepatitis B virus (HBV) quantitative test, which enables to evaluate patient's response to antiviral therapy.   Claimed to be the first test of its kind available in the US, the new test service will allow physicians to assess patient's response to drug therapies used to treat infection with the (HBV).   The new quantitative test service will measure the quantity of viral antigen in blood to determine...
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    Scientists find two new risk genes for Alzheimers

    A new large-scale genetic study provides a better understandin...

    Provista’s new blood test offers improved breast cancer detection

    Published 25 May 2017 A new study has demonstrated that a multi-prote...

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